wile pana/submission call: kijetesantakalu monsuta

nimi monsuta li lon lipu majuna
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kijetesantakalu monsuta li kama! o pana e toki e sitelen sina!


toki! mi selo Muna. mi soweli lawa pi lipu monsuta lon tenpo ni.

mi pali e lipu monsuta namako: kijetesantakalu monsuta. sama lipu monsuta pini la, mi wile e toki sina e sitelen sina. taso, ante lili li lon: toki sina o kijetesantakalu a!

mi toki seme? pali sina li ken ni:

lon toki ante: pana sina li wile ala monsuta wawa. monsuta lili li awen la ni li pona pona. taso: o musi! o nasa! o kijetesantakalu! sina wile monsuta wawa la o monsuta wawa. taso “pilin kijetesantakalu” o lon!

lipu nanpa kijetesantakalu monsuta li kama lon suno kijetesantakalu (2024-04-01). sina ken pana e toki sina lon suno lon (2024-02-05) tawa suno pi pimeja sama (2024-03-19).

sina o pana e pali sina tawa lipumonsuta@fastmail.com. mi lukin e ona. pakala toki li lon, la mi toki e ona tawa sina, mi pana e pona ken tawa pakala toki ni. jan sin o kama pona!

ni li wile ala, taso sina ken kama lon kulupu mi pi ilo Siko. kulupu pi ilo Siko li suli ala li wile ala. taso ona li pona tawa ni: sina wile pana e sitelen tawa toki pi jan ante.

pini la, o sona: lipu monsuta li kepeken lawa CC-BY-SA. sina pana e pali sina tawa lipu monsuta la sina ken e ni: jan ante li awen e lawa CC, la ona li ken kepeken e pali sina lon pali ante. ante la sina wile kepeken lawa CC-BY anu lawa CC0 la o toki e ni lon pana sina.

wile sona

mi pana e toki mi lon nasin seme?

o pana tawa lipumonsuta@fastmail.com. mi wile e lipu .txt e lipu .md e lipu .docx. sijelo pi toki sina li suli tawa sina la o pana kin e lipu .pdf lon poka. taso o pana ala e lipu .pdf lon taso.

mi ken ala ken pana e sitelen?

ken! sitelen sina li pana e pilin pi kijetesantakalu monsuta la o pana. o kepeken e sitelen .png

sina wile pali e sitelen tawa toki pi jan ante la o kama tawa kulupu pi ilo Siko mi.

toki mi li wile ala wile lili?

wile ala. toki sina li ken suli.

mi ken ala ken toki pona e toki pi mi ala?

lawa li ken e kepeken sina, la sina ken pana e ante toki.

mi ken ala ken kepeken nimi nasa?

ken. taso, mi wile e ni: sina lukin wawa e kepeken sina. sina alasa e ni: “toki mi li wile lon e nimi nasa ni?” ona li wile la, o kepeken. nimi nasa li ike taso ala. (mi kepeken nimi nasa lon lipu ni!). sina o awen sona: sina kepeken nimi pi nasa mute la jan mute li sona ala e toki sina. seme li suli tawa sina: sona pi jan ante, anu kepeken pi nimi ni?

mi ken ala ken pana e kalama, e sitelen tawa?

lipu monsuta li lipu tu: lipu ni (“lipu pi linluwi ilo”) en lipu pi linluwi ilo ala (“lipu lipu”). lipu lipu li pona taso tawa toki tawa sitelen (pi tawa ala). tan ni: sina pali e kalama la mi ken pana taso e ona lon lipu pi linluwi ilo. ona li ken ala lon lipu lipu. taso: sina pali e kalama la ni li wawa mute tawa mi a! ni ale li wile pi kalama sina:

o pana ala e sitelen tawa. ona li suli mute, la mi ken ala jo e ona lon lipu pi linluwi ilo ni.

toki monsuta seme li jo e “pilin kijetesantakalu”? mi wile lukin e pali pi pilin ni, la mi ken sona pona e pilin.

lon toki pona la, sina ken lukin lon lipu monsuta pini! mi la, toki tu li jo e “pilin kijetesantakalu” wawa. nasin kijetesantakalu pona en tawa musi li monsuta li musi lon tenpo sama.

lon toki Inli la, ni li pilin “kijetesantakalu monsuta” tawa mi.

mi wile pana e toki mi. taso, suno pi pimeja sama (2024-03-19) li pini. suno kijetesantakalu (2024-04-01) li kama ala. mi ken ala ken pana e toki lon tenpo ni?

sina ken pana e pali sina lon insa pi suno pi pimeja sama en suno kijetesantakalu. taso, ni li ken lon: mi ken ala kepeken pana sina, tan weka tenpo. taso o pana! mi alasa kepeken.

kijetesantakalu monsuta is coming! give your stories and pictures!


hello! i am selo Muna/starry boundaryplace. i’m the soweli-in-chief of lipu monsuta at this time.

we are making a special lipu monsuta issue: kijetesantakalu monsuta. like previous lipu monsuta issues, we need your stories and your pictures. but there is a difference this time: your stories should be “kijetesantakalu”-y!

what am i talking about? your work could be one of these:

in other words: your submission does not need to be super scary/horror-y. if it’s a bit scary/horror-y then that’s very good. but: you should be silly/funny! you should be weird! you should be kijetesantakalu! if you want to be very scary then be very scary. but the “kijetesantakalu spirit” should somehow be present in what you submit.

the kijetesantakalu monsuta issue is arriving on kijetesantakalu day (2024-04-01). you can give your submissions from now (2024-02-05) until the upcoming equinox (2024-03-19).

you must send your submissions to lipumonsuta@fastmail.com. i will look at them. if there are mistakes, i will tell them to you and give you proofreading corrections. beginners are welcome!

it’s not necessary, but you can join our discord group. the discord group is really not important or required to submit. but it’s good for this: if you want to illustrate other people’s stories.

finally, be aware: lipu monsuta uses CC-BY-SA licensing. if you give your work to lipu monsuta then you allow this: if someone follows the creative commons rules then they can use your work in other works. alternatively, if you want to use CC-BY or CC0 then tell us with your submission.


how do i submit my story?

send it to lipumonsuta@fastmail.com . i would like a text file or a markdown file or a word file. if the formatting of your story is important to you then also give a pdf alongside to show me how you want it formatted. but don’t only send me a pdf on its own.

can i submit pictures/comics/art?

can! if your image has the “kijetesantakalu monsuta” spirit then send it! please use .png to send it.

if you want to illustrate other people’s stories then you should probably come to our discord group.

does my submission need to be short?

nah, it can really be as long as you want.

can i translate a story that’s not mine into toki pona?

if the law allows your usage then you can do a translation. in other words, only translate stuff that is in the public domain.

can i use weird/new words?

you can. but i would like for this: you look hard at your usage, you search for this: “does my story truly need this weird word?” if it needs it, then use it. weird words are not bad only. (i used a weird word in this document!) you have to remember: if you use a weird word than a lot of people are not going to understand your story. what is important to you: the understanding of others or the usage of that word?

can i send audio/song or video?

lipu monsuta is really two zines: this website (the web-zine) and the offline (but still digital) zine. the offline zine is only good for writing and (static) pictures. because of that: if you make a audio/song then i can only put it on the web zine. it can’t go in the offline zine. nevertheless: if you make an audio/song, that’s REALLY COOL to me. this is necessary for your audio:

don’t send us videos. they are too big, so i can’t really use them on this website.

what is some examples of horror media with the “kijetesantakalu vibe”? i want to look at some works with this vibe, so that i can better know the vibe.

what we are basically talking about is horror-comedy, or else absurdism (in the slightly-existentially-terrifying sense of the word).

in toki pona, you can look at previous lipu monsutas! i think two stories in particular really give the “kijetesantakalu” vibe. nasin kijetesantakalu pona en tawa musi are both unnerving and funny at the same time

in english, here’s some stuff that gives the “kijetesantakalu monsuta” vibe to me:

i want to submit something. but the equinox is already past! kijetesantakalu day isn’t here yet. can i submit my story still?

you can submit your story inbetween the equinox and kijetesantakalu day. but, this is possible: i can’t use your submission, because of lack of time. still, submit it! i will try to use it.